CD cover of Catching Light CD, shows sunset over pond with silhouettes of trees

Catching Light

Albany Records (TROY 1748)
October 1, 2018

Performers: Ensemble Échappé (Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor), Temple University Concert Choir (Paul Rardin, conductor), Clarosa Quartet, Maryanne Meyer (harp), Susan Nowicki (piano/celeste), Jasper Quartet
Works: Catching Light, Two Elegies, Quartet, Lute Music

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Albany Records (TROY1317)
December 1, 2011

Performers: Jeffrey Khaner (flute), Charles Abramovic (piano), Lynn Klock (baritone saxophone), Fredric T Cohen (oboe), Susan Nowicki (piano)

Works: Alchemy, Fable, Five Lyrics, Partita, In Evening’s Shadow

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CD cover of Alchemy CD, shows etching of a male figure from ancient mythology

A Road Less Traveled

Long Tone Music

Performers: Craig Knox (tuba), Rodrigo Ojeda (piano)

Work: Ballade for Tuba and Piano


CD cover for Connections CD, shows tuba player Craig Knox leaning against a fence holding tuba


Albany Records (TROY 1182)
April 1, 2010

Performers: Lynn Klock, baritone saxophone, Susan Nowicki, piano

Work: Fable

Albany Records

CD cover for Connections CD, photo of railroad tracks

Chamber Music of Jan Krzywicki

Albany Records (TROY 337)
August 24, 1999

Performers: Colorado Quartet, Terry Everson (trumpet), Emily Golden (mezzo), Elizabeth Hainen (harp), Susan Nowicki (piano), Anthony Orlando (percussion), Mary Ann Coppa (harp), Jan Krzywicki (conductor)

Works: Four Songs After Rexroth, Sonata, Starscape, String Quartet

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CD cover for Chamber Music of Jan Krzywicki CD, shows detail of abstract painting


North/South Recordings (N/S R 1012)
July 1, 1997

Performers: Glenn Steele (vibraphone), Mary Ann Coppa (harp), Heather Dials (soprano), and Susan Nowicki (piano), Jan Krzywicki (conductor)

Work: Nocturne II

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CD cover of Postcards CD, with image of a stamp and title/composers hand-written on the front

Brazen Cartographies

Albany Records (TROY233)
March 18, 1997

Performers: Chestnut Brass Company

Work: Deploration

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CD cover of Brazen Cartographies CD, shows a surrealist-style illustration of brass instruments

Society of Composers, Inc. “Evocations”

Capstone Records (CPS 8631)

Performers: Anthony Orlando (marimba), Susan Nowicki (piano)

Work: Snow Night


Society of Composers CD cover showing a grid of black and white headshots of composers