Intrada for brass

(2016) 2'

Commissioned by The Brass Project
Versions for quintet and sextet

Program note

The title Intrada refers to a seventeenth century genre of processional music in march rhythm with fanfare motifs and repeated notes. Conceived as a concert opener or closer for The Brass Project ensemble, the work was part of a project titled “Cityscaping: Music for the Outdoors” that was funded by the Curtis Institute of Music through their Community Artist Program (CAP). Intrada exists in two versions: the original 1.5 minute work for brass quintet, and a subsequent 2 minute version (version 2.0). Both are included in the score so that either (both?: opener, closer?) may be performed. Since The Brass Project is also active as a sextet, arrangements of both versions (1.5 and 2.0) were subsequently created and are available. Materials available from the composer.

midi (quintet)
midi (sextet)