Partita for oboe and piano

(2004) 16'

Commissioned by Fredric Cohen
Recorded on Albany Records (Troy 1317)
Published by Tritone-Tenuto Press

Program note

Partita for oboe and piano is a neo-classical work that is a suite and a set of informal variations thus combing the two meanings the term “partita” has had since the Baroque era. The variation aspect is most apparent in the odd-numbered sections (Introduction, Interlude, Conclusion), while the intervening suite pieces (Gigue, Capriccio) are more developmental. The Gigue elaborates serious, quick, 6/8 meter music that is often imitative while the Capriccio juxtaposes lighter, fugal material with mock Sturm und Drang music. The five sections are performed without pause. Partita, composed during a residency at the MacDowell Colony, was written for my longtime friend, oboist Fredric T. Cohen for his March 2005 faculty recital at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with pianist Susan Nowicki. The work was recorded for Albany Records [Troy 1317] and is published by Tenuto Publications.