Snow Night for marimba and piano

(1977) 10'

Recorded on Capstone Records (CPS 8631)

Program note

Snow Night for marimba and piano owes its existence to percussionist Anthony Orlando who requested the work in 1977, and to painter Ivan Generalcic whose picture postcard served as its spiritual point of departure. In the picture, night settles into its most secretive hours, glowing with surrealistic hue above the new-fallen snow, transfiguring the village below. Trees draped by snow stand hauntingly silent and no sound stirs but the occasional sweep of the icy wind that blows up snow like echo memories of the snowstorm that has passed. Thoughts gradually turn to ‘remembering back’ and after a series of events returns to the opening scene transformed. The work was recorded by Anthony Orlando and Susan Nowicki for Capstone Records [CPS-8631].

snowy village landscape painting by Ivan Generalcic