Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

(1994) 15'

Commissioned by Terry Everson
Recorded on De Haske Records (DHR 197.006), and Albany Records (Troy 337)
Published by Alphonse Leduc & Cie

Program note

This challenging sonata consists of three movements played without pause: a prelude, an interlude and cadenza, and a finale. The work focuses primarily on the lyrical, and virtuosic and coloristic possibilities of the trumpet while also employing various types of mutes (straight, cup, harmon, whispa) to expand the colors of the instrument and to enhance the character of each section. Inserting and removing the hand from the bell is also used. The piano, meanwhile, creates additional color by plucking strings, and by playing dampened notes and harmonics. Technically, the piece develops entirely from a three-note motive heard at the beginning of the piece, a motive consisting of a falling second and a rising third, consciously exploring similar material to my String Quartet written the previous year. Published by Alphonse Leduc & Cie, Paris (Hal Leonard) and recorded by Terry Everson for Albany Records [Troy 337].

I. Prelude
II. Interlude and Cadenza
III. Finale