Starscape for harp

(1980/83) 7'

Recorded on Albany Records (Troy 337)
Published by Lyra Music Company

Program note

Starscape is a fantasy for solo harp whose title is intended as an evocation of night, the night sky, and night thoughts. Written as a sort of sequel to Snow Night for marimba and piano, the work’s scenario is that of stars emerging in a mystical night universe of silence accompanied by contemplations of the ultimate mysteries and miracles of nature, both tragic and spiritual. The work consits of five sections: an introduction, a song (based on the medieval chant Ave Maris Stella), a fantasy or development section, a varied reprise of the song, and a coda that includes a fragment of Mahler’s song Um Mitternacht (At Midnight). Starscape is dedicated to Karin Fuller and Robert Capanna who were so helpful in the composition of the work. The work was recorded for Albany Records [Troy 337] by Maryann Coppa and is published by Lyra Music Company, NY NY.