String Quartet

(1993–94) 24'

Commissioned by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society
Recorded on Albany Records (Troy 337)
Published by Theodore Presser Co.

Program note

String Quartet consists of a single movement of six sections played without pause. The first three section (Nervoso, Misterioso, Mesto) establish a series of musical events that are re-experienced in varied form as the next three sections (Agitato, Liberamente, Mesto), resulting in an overall structure felt in two parts. Both halves begin with intense tutti sections that eventually give way to more reflective, solo writing, culminating in a personal commentary by the viola. All the musical material derives from a three-note motive heard at the opening of the work, a motive closely related that of the Sonata for Trumpet and Piano. String Quartet was composed in the months following my father’s death and is dedicated to his memory. The work was commissioned by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society for the Colorado Quartet who premiered, toured, and subsequently recorded the work for Albany Records [Troy 337]. Published by Theodore Presser Co.

I. Nervoso
II. Misterioso
III. Mesto
IV. Agitato
V. Liberamente
VI. Mesto